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Fireman's Memorial at Grove Cemetery

This section of text is taken from an article written by Mr. Mel Roush, of Rochester, who did research on the New Brighton Fireman's Memorial.

"In October, 1950, the corporators of Grove Cemetery gave permission to the New Brighton Fire Department to use the triangular piece of ground between sections H, C and B (today's Garden of Hope, Garden of Charity and Garden of Blessings) for a memorial to departed New Brighton firemen. In mid-May, 1952, a letter of appreciation from the New Brighton Firemen's Association for the piece of ground given them was received by the Grove Cemetery corporators. The memorial was dedicated on Sunday, May 25, 1952.

"Of particular interest is the bell, which began service at the Beaver County Courthouse of 1810. It was sold at public auction in 1877 to the New Brighton Fire Department. The bell hung in the belfry of the New Brighton borough building until 1946, when its weight could no longer be safely borne by the deteriorating structure in which it was suspended.

"Once the memorial was erected, in passing, a fireman would strike the bell twice, once for the dead and once for the living."


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