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 #1.) Civil War Monument At Grove Cemetery

 #2.) Fireman's Memorial

 #2.) In 2007 Grove Cemetery was featured in a Beaver County Times article about local cemetery's falling by the way-side. CLICK HERE to read that article.

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 #3.) Brief Historical Overview

   At historic Grove Cemetery we celebrate lives. Continuing a 144 year tradition, we serve the community with dignified interments and assist in the customization of bronze memorials that are a tribute to your loved ones and what brought them joy in their lives. Historical Highlights The first meeting to establish a cemetery in New Brighton was held on July 12, 1858. A charter was drawn up under the name "Grove Cemetery" and the cemetery was incorporated on March 19, 1859.
It was a warm October 13th in 1859 when 250 people attended the dedication of Grove Cemetery. After the formal proceedings, guests had the opportunity to purchase interment spaces for themselves and their loved ones. Forty lots were sold.
   In April 1862, a committee was appointed to raise funds for a monument to the memory of Beaver County soldiers who gave their lives in the Civil War. The committee was discharged in 1874 because not enough funds could be raised. The monument plans were rekindled in 1883. Today the Civil War monument stands proudly, flanked by four canons, honoring the lives of the soldiers who were buried near the battlefields where they met their deaths.
   To us, all of Grove Cemetery is hallowed ground and prices for interment spaces are the same in all locations. Our prices also remain the same - whether you purchase an interment space needed for a loved one now or want to have peace of mind knowing that you have selected the space of your choice for the future.
At Grove Cemetery, We Celebrate Lives. 15,516 persons are interred in this peaceful final resting place. Are you a descendant of one or several of them? Please contact us and we will enter your name, address and telephone number in our Family Registry.



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